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Free 2014 Micro Teacup Pig Calendar

Teacup Pig on cushion

2014 micro pig calendar

Do you love micro pigs? Do you find them cute? Do you find them adorable?

If the answer to all these questions is ‘yes’ then you’ll love The Micro Pig & Teacup Pig calendar

We’ve picked some of the best, and cutest photographs of miniature pigs and created a 12 page printable PDF calendar

To preview any month of this calendar just click on an image below:

To download this free calendar simply click on a social button below. This will instantly unlock a download link

If you’re a pig lover who adores these cute creatures, download a copy of the free Teacup Pig Calendar today


Click Here to download

Having trouble downloading, try to ‘right click’ the link, and choose ‘save as’

Please note: this calendar is printable. We cannot print it for you.

For the best results print this calendar on glossy card or photo paper.

Also, the better the printer you use the better your results will be

Enjoy you calendar


About the author

Joanne Rowe

Joanne and her family live on a 140 acre farm in Lancashire. Joanne's family have been in farming over 120 years - they breed a wide range animals including pigs, cows, sheep, and chickens.

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