Teacup Pig Toys | Mini Pig Toys For Sale

Not everyone has the room or home for a teacup pig. If you’ve read any of the guides on our website you’ll know by now that – although they can make great pets – they require space, an area to graze, a sty, feeding, etc. If you haven’t the room or the time for a real micro pig what can you do? Well, there is an answer – why not get a micro pig toy.

We’ve hunted around the internet and found what we think are the best teacup pig toys out there. So if you cannot own the real deal why not try one of these. So let have a look at what’s out there;-

Pet Pals Toy Micro Pigs by Vivid Arts

First off is Pet Pals Micro Pigs range made by Vivid Arts. These cute toy pigs are made from a highly durable resin and are hand finished to the highest level of detail. Standing at 20 cm in height these toys are lifelike in size and detail.

The toy come in a range of colours – white, spotted, brown, pink – so there is a great variety to choose from.

These toys really are frost proof, weather resistant, and UV protected so they can be kept outside – they make superb garden ornaments.

Each toy comes with its own carry case. Each carry case is filled with realistic straw to keep your toy pig safe and free from damage.

Over 9 realistic models to choose from.

Micro Pig on a Lead – By Kandy Toys

Next we have 3 soft toys Micro Pig by Kandy Toys. Available in 3 lovely colours. Each toy come with its own lead and is ready for walkies.

Office Chums USB Pig Hub

This is one for the pig lovers and computer fans – a USB pig hub. This is a quirky USB, TF, and Micro SD card reader all in one. Wanting to add a little mini pig magic to your PC then this is for you.