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Welcome to LancashireMicroPigs.co.uk – breeders, and retailers of Rob Rose British Micro Pigs. We have a great selection of Micro Pigs for sale here in Lancashire, UK. We work closely with the founder breeder (Rob Rose) to maintain his quality, bloodlines, and stockmanship. We try to maintain a clear and informative website and we try separate fact and the fiction concerning teacup pigs, pygmy pigs, etc.

Click here if you wish to learn about micro pig size, and how big they actually grow.

We also have published a book on micro pigs. It’s had many favourable reviews on Amazon and is one of the most comprehensive books on the subject. You can buy a copy by clicking here.

Please check out website as we have a great selection of information to help you with buying a Micro Pig. Want to know how big these animals grow, then check out ourarticles – this is place where you can get loads of advice.

For piglets prices and info please see our ‘for sale’ section.

You can also find photos of our previous litters as well as pictures of adult mini pigs in our photos section.

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My names Joanne, I made this site and love pet pigs.

So please enjoy our website and all it as to offer.

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