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4 Easy Tips for showing your Pigs

pig show

Fancy showing off your prized teacup pig? Want your little porcine to look their best for a film or photo shoot? Well, you could learn a thing or two from this award winning farmer.

Byron Andeson, a livestock farmer for over 50 years, shows his pig at agricultural shows and county fairs. He offers the following advice to get your pig in pristine condition before display:

  1. Shampoo your pig – a gentle detergent can make a mucky pig sparkle
  2. Clean out their ears – and whilst you are at it check for lice
  3. Give them a hair cut
  4. Lastly, a layer of shoe polish can be applied to the hoof and buff it up

It’s worth noting that Byron keeps Berkshire Pigs – they have black bodies and pink legs and face. Their hooves will probably be black too, which explains the shoe polish.

I don’t recommend keeping Berkshire Pigs as pets, there are far more suitable pet pigs out there. Like all commercial pigs, they grow big and fast.

But this pig expert does offer some good advice. And this might be helpful if you ever want to show or photograph your mini pig.

You can read more about this process here:

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Joanne and her family live on a 140 acre farm in Lancashire. Joanne's family have been in farming over 120 years - they breed a wide range animals including pigs, cows, sheep, and chickens.

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