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3d Pig

By Joanne Rowe / September 4, 2017

Just focus on the pig in this image and see what happens Pig It’s teacup pig version of a screamer.


The Effects of Sugar-Enriched Diets in Micro Pig Brains

By Joanne Rowe / August 26, 2017

Diet is very important for any pig. Whether it’s a farm hog, a so-called nano pig, or a Kune Kune. Although the approach and goals are different when raising meat pigs – the principal aim, in this case, is to add weight. In contrast, the goal with any pet pig is to maintain a healthy […]


Piggies Jumping Over Legs

By Joanne Rowe / August 22, 2017

Came across this adorable gif the other day and thought I would share. enjoy Jumping over legs I’d like to add that piglet can jump over some high things. We once had a few escape piglets one time and had to go and collect them. We captured the pigs but they kept jumping out of […]


Teacup Pig Raises $4000 for Food Bank

By Joanne Rowe / August 19, 2017

A popular micro pig Instagram page, which has around 200,000, has caused quite a stir recently. Also, the page has raised cash for a food bank charity too. Hank is a mini pet pig who’s owned by Will Glass. The pig has a massive following on Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. The pages became popular because […]


Pigs and Pugs

By Joanne Rowe / August 13, 2017

Couldn’t resist posting this. It’s some pet piglets playing with pug. Super Adorable. Move Along…  Nothing To Eat Here.


Puddles and Pigs

By Joanne Rowe / August 12, 2017

I love this gif of these pigs having fun in a big puddle. They look like they’re having a fantastic time.  Splashy I think (i’m not 100% sure on this) that the pigs in this video could be a Landrace or American Yorkshire. Although it’s hard to tell with all the splashing around. Please feel […]


£14,000 Bridal Budget Blown on FIFTY Pigs & Porky Themed Wedding

By Joanne Rowe / August 7, 2017

In the UK a groom was given a £14,000 budget to plan a wedding. The groom, Billy, 27, a fireman from Mansfield, Woodhouse, decided to make the wedding pig themed. In the process, he blew full budget of fourteen grand hiring pigs, a pigs farm and pig onesies for the bridesmaids. This bizarre wedding was […]


Snoring Micro Pig

By Joanne Rowe / February 18, 2013

Went out last night to put the hens away, and I could here Coco our micro pig snoring really loudly.