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Chickens And Pigs Can Get Along

Chicken sat on a mirco pig

People often ask me if micro pigs get on with other animals. Today i have photographic proof that micro pigs get along fine with hens (especially orpingtons).

Here is a picture of one of our Choclate Orpington hens catching a ride on the back of our micro pig mum Coco.


Chicken sat on a mirco pig

A chicken taking a ride on a pig














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Here is a bit of background on the picture. The hen pictured has been a bit ill. She has been suffering from something known a sour crop. This is nothing to serious it just means we have to isolate her and put her on some cider vinegar and meds whilst we massage her crop everyday.

Anyway, we stuck her next to the farrowing pen which contained Coco our micro pig mum and her piglets. We thought that it would be the best place for the hen as its nice and warm in there and its also clean and dry. Well the last couple of days our hen (called Choc) has been jumping over the fence and has been nestling with Coco and her piglets.

Coco really doesn’t seem to mind and the micro piglets just seem to be curious about her. We managed to capture this photo quickly when we went in one morning. Kind of reminds you of the Hippos you see in Africa with the birds on their backs.


About the author

Joanne Rowe

Joanne and her family live on a 140 acre farm in Lancashire. Joanne's family have been in farming over 120 years - they breed a wide range animals including pigs, cows, sheep, and chickens.

michel megan - February 20, 2015

I am thinking about getting a tea cup pig, if my parents will let me. Ideally. It would live with our chickens in the coop. But I don’t want it to freeze during the winters, and I have herd ghat pigs will eat chickens. Some of our chickens have died resently. And we now only have 2 chickens and 1 duck. What should in do? Please help me out! I really want one, but I have to review the facts before I am allowed to have one. Btw I would name him/her Charlie! Nwe may get more baby chicks, wouldnot help if we started them out young?

    Joanne Rowe - June 22, 2015

    You cannot keep a pig in a chicken house. They need their own sty/shed with outdoor space. I also recommend that you keep a pet pig in a pair or more. They are less likely to become bored and troublesome.
    If you kept the pigs in the chicken house the pig would hate it. Pigs are very clean animals and don’t like muck or mess. Poultry on the other hand, poo and urinate anywhere. A pig would find a chicken coop dirty and it wouldn’t like to live there. Also there is the risk of disease transversal between the two species. If the hens pick something up the pig could catch it with it being in such close proximity all the time – and visa versa.

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