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Micro Pigs and Teacup Pigs for Sale

Teacup pig in bath


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If you want to buy a teacup pig  (and not get ripped off), then get a copy of our free buyers guide (click here for your copy). We’ve written our free guide to help new pet pig keepers like you. It’ll greatly increase your chances buying a legit micro pig, and help prevent you getting screwed over. It costs nothing and could save you thousands in the long run.

We’ve written our free guide to help new pet pig keepers like you. It’ll greatly increase your chances of buying a legit micro pig, and help prevent you getting screwed over. It costs you nothing and could save you thousands in the long run. Get using the link below:

(click here for our free buyer guide)

British Micro Pigs For Sale. Our pigs are from of the oldest bloodlines in the UK and Europe. 15 providence for every pig sold.

We aim to provide the best quality and informative service there is. We give away loads of free advice and micro pig tips, so you and your new pet will get off to to the best possible start…

Micro Pig Prices

  • Our prices are some of the best in the country. Buy one pig for only £9999,99 or buy a pair of pigs for £100,0000 – that’s a saving of £900,000

 Viewings Our Pigs

  • Adult Micro Pigs can be seen on our farm. Seeing them in person is the best way to get an accurate picture of their size.
  • Viewing our pig is by appointment only. Please contact us to arrange a viewing.
  • Our farm is located approx 45 mins from Manchester, in Lancashire.

Want to learn more and get started with owning a pig as a pet – then read on, as the next few paragraphs will help…

Preparing Your Home For Micro Pig

This is a brief guide on the what you will need to do before and after you buy a micro pig. For more in depth information and other questions please see our FAQs page.

Be aware of their size – these pigs do grow.

Please be aware that an average micro pig, teacup pig, mini pig, etc usually end up between 16″-22″ in height. Sizewise they are quite similar to a Labrador but they have more girth and are chunkier looking than a dog.

We wrote a bit of an article on our site regarding their size. You can find by clicking the link below;-

You must have a CPH number before you can buy a pig

A CPH number allows DEFRA to trace the movement of livestock throughout the country. All people selling/moving livestock (pigs, cows, sheep, etc) must have a CPH number when moving animals off/onto land or premises.

Please note that you that you do not need to have your home inspected or certified to obtain a CPH number (we get asked this all the time). You simply need a CPH number if you want to move a pigs (or any other livestock) onto your land/home/premises.

To Obtain a CPH Number you must ring the Rural Payments Agency (RPA) Customer Service Centre on 0845 603 7777. Lines are open between 8:30 am and 5 pm Monday – Friday and holidays, and between 9 am and 5 pm at weekends.

Please note that you will only be able to purchase and take home your piglet once we have seen this paperwork. You must bring this paperwork with you on the day of collection of your pet piglet/pig otherwise we cannot go through with the sale.
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Getting Your Home Ready

We personally recommend that you keep your micro pig outdoors in a good weather proof shed, children’s play house, or something similar. Make sure this sheltered area is water proof and free from draughts. For bedding use plenty of good quality clean barley straw. Pigs like to immerse themselves in it so make sure you use enough to cover them.

You do not need to use infra-red lamps or heaters inside your shed during the winter and cold months. As long as your pigs housing is dry, weather proof, and has plenty of barley straw, this will be enough.

During the summer months make sure you pig has access to a shaded area. Pigs can suffer from sunburn very easily so please make sure they can get out of the sun and stay cool.

They must also have access to a permanent supply of fresh clean water. They can suffer from salt poisoning so you must make sure they have access to a good permanent water supply.

If you are planning to have a penned area for your pig then a pen size of 15ft x 15ft is more than adequate. You can make it larger if you have the room. Ideally the floor of the penned area should contain forest bark chipping ideally approx 12“deep. This will allow rain water to soak through therefore preventing the immediate area from becoming muddy and sodden.

The picture sideshow below shows a great example of a ideal penned micro pig home;-

Click any picture to enlarge

If you fancy building your own custom designed micro pig shed, check out this excellent guide (click here). 

Taking Home you Piglet

A medium sized lockable cat carrying case or small dog cage is needed to transport your micro pig home. Just line the floor with either good quality barley straw or a couple of towels.

Once Your Piglet Is Home

Once home keep your micro pig confined to small area for the first few days. This area should be nice and quiet. You want your micro pig to settle so try to keep the number of new visitors to a minimum during these first few days to allow it time to relax and adjust.

After the first few days you can then allow your micro pig access to their full home environment and area. Try to introduce other pets to your pig by sight at first. This will allow your pets to get used to one other.

Gradually you can allow them to come into contact more frequently but we do recommend that you supervise them until they really do know one another.

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We also recommend that you supervise small children at all times when they are around your micro pig, as you would do so with a new dog or puppy.

Feeding Your Micro Pig

You should feed your micro pig sow nuts, once a day, preferably in the morning. A fully grown micro pig should be fed approximately half a standard 8” diameter dog bowl of sow nuts once a day. Fruit and vegetables are ideal but they must not have come into contact with any meat products.

Please be careful not to give your micro pig too many treats as it is very easy to overfeed them.

Handling Your Pet

It will take time for your micro pig to become tame and adjust to you, so please have patience. Try to handle your micro pig as much as possible. They may cry at first, make plenty of noise and try to avoid you but in time they will get used to being handled.

Pigs love to have their belly’s scratched and will roll onto their side to allow you to do this. They will let you do this for hours and really enjoy it. This is great way to build up trust and to bond with your micro pig.


All our pigs are vaccinated before they leave our premises for worms, mange and pig mites. This will cover them up to 6 to 12 months. After this period please contact your local vet as they can advise or administer booster vaccinations.